Enabling equality of comfort, fit, and quality of life

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What We Do

We ensure devices which interface with the body are comfortable, fast-to-fit, and enable quality of life for the end user.

We do this by empowering the fitting of these devices with a world of data & cutting edge insights towards evidence-based design.

Our software and solutions integrate with the processes of our partners who design and manufacture these devices, reducing their time and costs, increasing throughput - improving the quality of life for their end users.

A Failure to Fit Fails Those in Need

Whether a prosthetic, orthotic, respiratory masks, wheelchair seat, or even a pair of headphones. If you develop or use a device which interfaces with the body you know there is one thing above all others that is important: Fit.

Without fit, the device cannot be used. It increases costs, reduces throughput, causes pain and injury. It limits quality of life.

We believe that through democratising best fit, by sharing knowledge and data about what best fit really means, we can empower the processes across industries and deliver the best outcome for all.

Radii believes it can be so much better for designers, clinicians, and users.

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Empower Your Processes With Our Software and Solutions

Radii seamlessly integrates into and are interoperable with your existing processes, working with your current hardware and manufacturing methods. Whether you’re an independent clinic or a global manufacturer, we enable you to access our technology and a world of data, to deliver the best outcomes for your ends users.

Software For Custom Devices

Are you an orthotist or prosthetist looking to achieve a more consistent, evidence based fitting process?

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Enterprise Design Tools

Are you an enterprise who mass manufactures skin-interfacing devices?

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Let’s Create Devices Which

Are Comfortable

Are Fast-to-Fit

Enable Quality of Life

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