Empowering Clinicians with the Best Possible Tools to Bring Comfort, Fit and Quality of Life to Every Body

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What We Do

Using feedback and insight from clinical experts, Radii Devices are delivering software and solutions that enhance orthotic and prosthetic practice.

We want to transform the fitting process for every wearer. By providing simple, seamless, data and evidence-based solutions we help clinicians and their clients reach the right fit, more quickly.

A Failure To Fit Fails Those In Need

It doesn’t matter if it’s a prosthetic, orthotic, respiratory masks, wheelchair seat, or even a pair of headphones. Almost everyone uses devices that interface with the body. And so we all know the one thing that is most important: Fit.

A device that does not fit can not be used. A poorly fitting pair of headphones might be uncomfortable, but a poorly fitting prosthesis causes pain and injury. It limits quality of life, increases clinical cost, and reduces clinical throughput.

Radii believes it can be so much better for designers, clinicians, and users of any skin-interfacing device.

Our belief encourages us to share knowledge and data, from real-world use cases and leading clinicians, and shape what ‘fit’ really means. By doing so, we plan to democratise access to the best possible fitting experience.

Improve Outcomes with Our Software And Solutions

Our software and solutions integrate with the processes of our partners who design and manufacture these devices, reducing their time and costs, increasing throughput, and improving the quality of life for their end users.

Whether you’re an independent clinic or a global manufacturer, our software, riiForm can be scaled to your needs.

Who We Are

Radii Devices was founded in 2020 by Joshua Steer, whilst studying at the University of Southampton. Inspired by his PhD research, investigating how to improve the fit and comfort of prosthetic limbs, Joshua’s mission is to define, develop, and deliver the best possible fitting experience possible for all prosthetic and orthotic wearers.

Based in Bristol, the Radii team has grown while attracting investment from successful fundraising rounds, and is currently trialling software to support the fitting of prosthetic limbs within several NHS trusts across England.

Let’s Create Devices Which

Are Comfortable

Are Fast-to-Fit

Enable Quality of Life