Our Demo

Our goal is to develop a system for the whole of the P&O community. To achieve this, our development is based upon clinical feedback throughout the process. This involves showcasing demos of our tools even in the early stages. You can explore some of our latest ideas here, let us know what you think of them.

Clinician Dashboard

Our clinician dashboard is the personal homepage for each designer of prosthetic and orthotic devices. It showcases our concepts for visualising your favourite socket designs and tracking the progress of your patients over time.

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Patient Dashboard

Our patient dashboard provides access to a vast range of information for each individual in your clinic. It showcases how we track residual limb shape and volume change with each visit and the associated comfort score for each socket design.

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Real-time pressure prediction

The pressure prediction demo provides the cutting-edge of our technology. Within this tool, you can visualise, in real-time, how the predicted pressure changes across the surface of the limb as the design of the socket is changed. Predicting fit before manufacture.

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